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Bestseller No. 1
Jointown 3-Layer Polypropylene Facial Mask (Pack of 50 Pieces)
  • This is a general-purpose mask.
  • This mask is not intended for medical use and has not been shown to reduce disease transmission.
  • These masks must be discarded after each use.
Bestseller No. 2
Creek medical Mascarilla Quirúrgica Médica Tipo I de 3 Capas, Verificada y Probada por CE, No Estéril (Paquete de 50 Máscaras)
  • It complies with EN 14683: 2019
  • Three-layer Type I non-sterile mask
  • Features: hypoallergenic, adjustable nose clip, breathable material, optimal comfort and filtration
Bestseller No. 3
TianKang Mascarilla Quirúrgica Médica, Tipo IIR de 3 Capas, Filtración Bacteriana al 98%, Verificado y Probado, No Estéril (Paquete de 50 Máscaras)
  • Es conforme con la norma EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019
  • Máscara médica no estéril tipo IIR de tres capas
  • Eficiencia de filtración bacteriana (BFE) 98%
SalesBestseller No. 4
Hibron Disposable facial masks, pack with 50 units
  • Manufactured under the technical specifications GB / T 32610-2016 equivalent to the Spanish specifications UNE 0064-1: 2020
  • "ADVERTENCIA: Este dispositivo no es un producto sanitario en el sentido de la Directiva 93/42 o del Reglamento UE / 2017/745, ni un equipo de protección individual en el sentido del Reglamento UE / 2016/425";
  • BFE (Filtración) >99%, Respiralidad (Presión diferencial) < 60 Pa/cm²
Bestseller No. 5
Cotton face mask, Assemble a mask 2 pieces cotton soft face reusable comfortable masks (Black)
  • 1). The face mask was of very good quality. We strongly recommend that you buy it by FBA, you will receive it in 1-5 working days at most. If the face mouth mask was not met by Amazon, it was very dirty and poor, and you will receive it in 2 months to 8 months.
  • 2). ULTRA SOFT AND COMFORTABLE WEAR: Breathable cotton layers with a full block propylene anti-constriction center, making our mask the superior choice on the market.
  • 3). RE-USABLE and WASHABLE: Save money from flimsy and itchy disposable face masks. These cleansing masks can be washed with soap and water. It dries quickly and works again.

Antivirus masks could be considered those that due to their homologated filtering capacity correspond to parameters within that recommended by the WHO, ASEPAL and other public authorities. Let's see what differences there are between FFP2, FFP3 masks and different types of filtering.

In the face of the international emergency declared by the WHO regarding the Coronavirus The demand for surgical masks and protective masks has exploded. Quirumed recommends that the directions given by the World Health Organization regarding the use of masks are always followed. In addition to this, there is confusion between the different types of masks and their protection capacity:


  • Surgical masks. Essentially designed for filter the air we exhaleThat is, to contain the agents, particles, bacteria or viruses that we can transmit in our breathing to a patient or other people around us.
  • Respiratory protection masks. Designed for filter the air we inhale from outside, so that we retain the agents, particles, bacteria or viruses from which we want to protect ourselves. We will see that they are approved for different filtering capabilities (FFP: Filtering FacePiece). Some models of these self-filtering masks include an exhalation valve to reduce humidity inside the mask, providing greater user comfort and less respiratory resistance.


What we will look for in an antivirus mask, to be effective as such, is its homologated filtering protection. The maximum protections in the European standard EN149 they are FFP2 and FFP3. Its purpose is the protection against inhalation of environmental pollutants, pathogens, chemicals, antibiotics and cytostatics.

Classification% Efficiency Minimum Filtration% Leakage inside maximum
  • FFP2 masks. High protection, approved to retain particles up to 0.6 microns, with a minimum filtration efficiency of 92%
    Due to its filtering capacity, it is indicated for the respiratory protection of health professionals or people exposed to low-moderate risk:

    • Entering respiratory isolation rooms
    • Assistance in emergencies and consultations to patients at high risk of airborne diseases
    • Laboratories where mycobacteria are processed (whenever working in a laminar flow cabinet)
  • FFP3 masks. Maximum protection, approved to retain particles up to 0.6 microns, with a minimum filtration efficiency of 98%
    The high filtering capacity offers maximum respiratory protection for healthcare professionals or research personnel exposed to high risk:

    • Broncoscopias
    • Sputum induction techniques and secretion aspiration
    • Tracheal intubation
    • Autopsies of patients with suspected or diagnosed airborne diseases
    • Handling of samples from these patients in pathological A.
    • Tuberculosis abscess drains
    • Transfer by ambulance of these patients
    • Staff preparing cytostatics (even if working in a laminar flow booth),
    • Personnel performing cytostatic instillations


Therefore, the type of protective mask we must choose depends on the risks to which we are exposed and the protection capacity we want to assume. FFP2 and FFP3 masks are recommended to protect professionals exposed to infectious aerosols (M. Tuberculosis, Measles, Chickenpox, H1N1 (Influenza A), Coronavirus, etc. Facial masks must be used in accordance with the hygiene safety protocol appropriate to the risk to which We are going to be exposed, of course it is not the panacea against any air agent if it is not complemented by the rest of the regulations and PPE (glasses, hydroalcoholic gels, waterproof gowns, gloves, etc.).


  • If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are caring for someone suspected of having 2019-nCoV infection or entering areas declared to be at risk
  • Also wear a mask if you have a cough or sneeze.
  • Masks are only effective if combined with frequent hand washing hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gel, or with soap and water.
  • If you need to wear a mask, learn how to wear and remove it correctly


  • Before putting on a face mask, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant gel or soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the protective mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask while wearing it; if you do, wash your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water.
  • Change your mask as soon as it is wet and do not reuse single-use masks.
  • To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of the mask); immediately dispose of it in a closed container; and wash your hands with a disinfecting hydroalcoholic gel or soap and water.


Lots of hoaxes and misinformation are emerging about the Coronavirus. In this link of the World Health Organization there is enough information about all of them:

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain has also made this information available to all citizens:



Riojano Health Service -

World Health Organization –

«EN149:2001 Filtering Halfmasks to protect against particles», CEN

World Health Organization - When and how to wear masks: